FAQ – JP & Associates REALTORS?
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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Do you have a monthly fee??

Yes. We have a $50 per month E&O fee with a $2,500 deductible.

02 Do you charge a transaction fee?

Yes. We have a nominal transaction fee with a cap.

03 Are there any extra fees like E&O or franchise fees?

Errors and omissions is $500 annually. We have no franchise fees.

04 Can I work part time or hang my license as a referral agent?

No. We want agents who will treat real estate as a career.

05 Can I build a team?

Absolutely. Teams over 5 must receive management approval and the Team Lead receives a minimum of 10% from each team member.

06 May I negotiate my commission with my clients?

Yes. JPAR does not require a specific commission rate, though we require listing agents to compensate buyer agents according to the market rate to keep our listings competitive.

07 What do you offer in the way of broker support?

We have knowledgeable support brokers across Texas who are on-call 7 days per week to answer your questions through our fast-response support hotline, which gets answered within 45 minutes on average. In addition, we have specialist commercial, farm and ranch, relocation, and short sale divisions to help you with specialty transactions.

08 Do you offer training?

Absolutely! With a full-time career development director, we offer over 100 free training opportunities a month!

09 Do you offer a mentorship program for agents?

Yes, for both new and experienced agents.

10 Do you provide leads? Is there a fee or split on leads?

Yes. We have multiple lead programs. Leads that come in off of your listings, even paid leads from Realtor.com, are free of charge to you. In addition, leads that come from your agent website and other agent-initiated marketing efforts are designated just for you at no extra cost. Leads that we purchase from other sources will be at an extra cost paid at closing.

11 What kind of marketing materials do you provide?

Every agent has a free customizable agent website with full MLS search. Our frequenty sought after tools include KvCORE, Buyside, Deluxe Marketing, CORE Listing Machine, Realtor.com, VScreen Video Marketing, enhanced showcase listings, access to BombBomb, CINC, Top Producer with Five Street, OpCity and more. We also have in-house marketing, design, and tech experts to help you create and build your own brand.

12 Do you have physical locations?

Yes and opening more offices monthly. Currently, we have over 45 offices throughout the US. Check back often as we are growing rapidly!

13 Can I access all office locations?

Yes, any of our agents have access to all of our offices to help facilitate their business.

14 Is JPAR a HUD Certified brokerage?

Yes. Our agents are able to bid on HUD properties using instructions we provide to our agents in BOSSS?.

15 What is the process to join JPAR?

Click on the “Join JPAR” button below and fill out the form, or email?[email protected].?We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most innovative and fastest growing real estate companies in the US.