Your Mindset Matters… More Than You Think | JP & Associates REALTORS?
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I recently ran across a blog from Los Silva about how he and others did not merely double their business; they 10X’d their business. Los, is the Co-Founder & CEO of The Collective, one of the world’s top fitness publishing companies with over 250,000 customers all over the world. He also runs SVG media, a training, and education company that helps entrepreneurs scale past their limits.

What does this have to do with real estate and your real estate practices? Plenty, your mindset matters, and that’s the key focus for today’s repost of his blog.

Here are 5 strategies from Los Silva for getting yourself into the 10x mindset today:

1.Forget self-discipline. Focus on your habits.??Remember that book,?The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? It’s?not lying to you—effective people have effective habits, and the opposite is also true. You need to be aware of your own habits. Ask yourself which are going to help you grow ten times and which are holding you back. Then it’s time to start making changes like learning to say no to things that don’t help you achieve your goals and adequately caring for your physical and mental health. Most importantly, you’ve got to learn to let go of the control complex that’s preventing you from delegating critical aspects of your business to capable employees and coworkers while you focus on growth. When you work on ditching the bad habits and cultivating the good, you allow your perspective to shift from scarcity toward a potential future where anything is possible.

2.Clean up your mindset.?Everyone makes mistakes, and mistakes make a mess. By mess, we mean issues that aren’t yet resolved in your mind and are still floating around in the gray muck of unconsciousness, eating up your mental RAM. Essentially, a mess is feeling obligated to something or someone that you no longer have a commitment to. For many entrepreneurs, this means getting out of the personal office and into a conference room, café, bar, or anywhere else that doesn’t carry the massive amount of mental baggage lying around wherever you call home. By getting away from the messes—and slowly working to remove them—you will get much more productivity from your work and quality from your life. It takes a lot of energy to clear these out, but it’s crucial to do so. You can then move forward and work to prevent future messes.

3.Strengthen your relationships by focusing on the value you’re providing.?If you have a myopic focus on sales, you’re missing out on vital information about your customers and clientele. Instead of spending all of your time trying to get money coming in, focus on providing?ten times the value?to your customers and clients. You’ll quickly become one of their favorite people, and that’s the time to ask brave questions: Do you know their pain points? Their dreams and goals? Their strengths and capabilities? If you genuinely listen to them, you have the opportunity to form long-lasting, incredibly profitable, and valuable relationships with them that will allow you to grow at a rate beyond your—and your competition’ s—wildest dreams.

4.Conquer setbacks by focusing on results.?It’s a good thing for leaders to be able to foresee obstacles that could arise. It’s a bad thing if leaders become afraid or overwhelmed by the potential for things to go wrong. Be honest about obstacles, take them one-by-one, and approach them with a results-focused strategy that draws on the capabilities of your entire team to multiply your own abilities. Once you get in the habit of approaching obstacles not as something to be afraid of, but as something that’s a natural part of goal-achieving, you can start extending what you’ve learned to your customers and clientele. You can take your relationship past mere financial transactions to a place of trust and mutual effort.

5.Increase everyone’s confidence by focusing on capability.?In the United States Marine Corps, there are two sayings they teach you in boot camp: “Fake it until you make it,” and, “Confidence is 90% of all effort.” That is, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, have the confidence to try it anyway! You never know what you’re capable of until you try—or until a drill instructor is screaming at you and spraying tobacco-tinged spittle all over your face. Confidence isn’t something people are born with—it’s something that’s worked on and built up over time. Think of it as a muscle that needs to be exercised. One way to exercise it is to continually review your achievements and use them to gain insight into how you can tweak your efforts in the future. Another way is to identify your own excellent capabilities—the one or two that you have that you’re truly a genius at—and then to identify those same unique capabilities in your team. Ask yourself—and them—what it would look like if this capability grew by ten times.

Nothing is standing in the way of you and a business that’s ten times larger, ten times more effective, and ten times more profitable. Get the mindset, make the connection, apply the method, and watch the vehicle for your passions, goals, and dreams take off.